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My latest novel, THE PHAROS OBJECTIVE, focuses on a team of remote-viewing archaeologists as they find themselves in a desperate struggle to find a lost artifact hidden under the remains of the ancient Pharos Lighthouse.

I came up with the idea after years of interest in archaeology and ancient mysteries... especially in things like lost wisdom, unexplained artifacts and historical mysteries. And then when I came across the study of Remote Viewing - and learned that even our government (in competition with the Soviets during the Cold War) operated a program with these types of psychics, attempting to remote-view the enemy, among other objectives- I had the idea for my book. I've since decided to make it at least a trilogy, mining many other great mysteries of the ancient (and not so ancient) world.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Top 10 Ancient Mysteries I'd Remote View

Here's my list of ancient mysteries I'd remote view if I had the ability. Just off the top of my head... (okay, off the white board in my office where I've been jotting down ideas for months...) Just the ancient stuff for now - not the really burning mysteries like 'Where did I leave my wallet?' or 'What's my ex-girlfriend up to?' A later post will focus on more recent viewing objectives I'd like to see...

Post other suggestions as comments and I'll keep the best ones in mind.

10) Atlantis. Real or Plato's fictional prank? If the former, where's it at now?

9) Nazca Lines. How'd they make them so big and detailed - and why are the full depictions only appreciated from the sky?

8) The Maya. A whole civilization just packed up and disappeared. Where'd they go?

7) Easter Island. How did they drag those things all over the island - and why?

6) The Moon. Because I'm an astronomy geek too, how exactly did we get our moon (because no current scientific model works, and it's kinda creepin' me out.) Stay tuned for book 3 for my answer.

5) The asteroid impact that killed off the dinosaurs... just because it would be cool to see.

4) The Flood. Seriously, every mythology had one... When was it, and how bad was it?

3) The Ark of the Covenant. Where is it, who's got it? (Crate in a government warehouse? Secret vault in Ethiopia? That island off of Nova Scotia? Lots of good ideas...)

2) The construction of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx (determining once and for all who really built it - Khufu, Moses, Atlanteans, aliens, time travelers... some giant kid playing with blocks?) And especially... the age of the Sphinx - whether the intriguing water erosion of the stone truly indicates its much earlier age.

1) Just because it's the most controversial and would once and for all settle the faith vs. reason debate... I'd view the origin of every major religion: The Crucifixion. Mohammad, Joseph Smith... you get the gist.

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  1. Thanks Dave - I loved The Pharos Objective and am looking forward to reading The Mongol Objective!! If I could remote view I would like to see how things (life) started after all the dinosaurs were killed. Rob (from tennis) say's hi!